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Badge Reel ID Holder, Retractable Sandy Snap Lanyard

    Badge Reel ID Holder, Retractable Sandy Snap Lanyard

    $9.99 USD

    This makes a perfect gift for yourself or someone you know who wears a badge or needs an ID holder. Because of the Sandy Snap Buttons, you can now change the color and style of your holder whenever you choose. No more boring badges!  It has a clip to attach to any shirt, skirt or bag, a retractable cord for safety and a rollover snap to attach it in other ways.

    Holds any 18mm snap. Choose this Sandy Snap Interchangeable Jewelry piece as your base piece and then snap in a Sandy Snap Button to create your own personalized piece of jewelry. Now you can turn this one piece into 50 with just the snap of a button. It truly is Amazing! They make great gifts and the gift recipient can add to their collection anytime via our website. So, snap to it and get your first piece today!

    Color: Blue, Purple, White
    Size: 20, 24
    Material: 100%